Patricia Gayle Guthrie Lord from Magnolia Springs, Alabama has been an graphic artist for over 18 years.  After her mother's death in the spring of 2009 she began working with her hands.  Her mother, who had been an antique dealer for years, loved mirrors of all kinds.  "She could not go to estate or yard sale without coming home with a mirror.  I guess that's where I got the mirror idea.  The gemstones (I think) came from my childhood when I used to collect them and would love to take them out and look at my "prize stones and crystals".  Now I incorporate the two in my artwork."

Gemstones include, tiger eye, red jasper, jade, hematite and pyrite just to name a few.  Patricia says that her pieces have taken anywhere from six to twenty-six hours to complete depending on materials and complexity.

Patricia also works with old windows and does some mosaics.   There is no ryme or reason when she starts a project, she says, she just starts and lets it take her where it will.  "Some of my pieces have been purchased by other artists which is incredibly flattering and just makes me want to create more." 

Many people are interested in the metaphysical attributes of the gemstones. For instance, one woman asked me to do a mirror with "creative energy" to help her in her new job as a designer.  I used Tibetan turquoise which is said to heal suppressed self expression, green quartz and aventurine both known for creativity.  It's interesting that I've found that more men seem to be attracted to the "power" stones where most women are more attracted to the calming or "healing" stones and crystals." 

Patricia also started doing some mosaic pieces with some of her animal photography and recycled art.  And...she just did her first couple of small tables - loved them… and wants to do more.  She seems sure that her mother has had something to do with all of this (still watching out for her, she thinks) because, she says, "I am happiest when I am working with my hands and when a piece comes together as… or better than I imagined... well that's just icing! 

Patricia loves doing special requests and unusual pieces like an heirloom mirror that's a little worn or even the trim on a piece of furniture, table tops or cabinets.  For more information or special requests and quotes, email her at