Lovely mirrors created with all that Day Dreams are made of...

Colors, sparkles, old & new, maybe even a frog or shoe!  Buttons and bows, stars and twinkles also a few good luck sprinkles!  Round, square, heart shaped too. Green, purple, pink... any color we'll do! 

These mirrors are perfect for the powder room, a little girls room or that special place on your wall that could use a little "Day Dream".  Each one made according to your color preference.

Oval... 7"  x 5"  - $29, Round or Square... 6" - $29, Heart ... 7" x 6" - $32 .  USPS shipping $8.  Other shipping choices available upon request.  (Very fast turn around... just in case you're in a hurry.)

Email me with your order and preferences... and I will invoice you via PayPal.